Banishing Brown Spots has Never Been Easier

Years ago, if you had age spots on your face or hands, “vanishing cream” was the most advanced treatment option available. While “dark spot corrector” creams are still available today, they don’t always deliver outstanding or quick results on brown spots and other areas of uneven skin pigmentation.

Thankfully, there’s a more advanced solution: the Icon™ aesthetic system. At Serene Laser and Skin Care, Shaheen Mian, MD, and her skilled medical aesthetics team offer people in Milton, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas, the latest laser technology.

Now, banishing brown spots has never been easier or more effective. If you’d like to improve your skin tone and get rid of unsightly brown spots, the Icon laser can help.

Brown spots can make you look older

Areas of brown pigment often appear on your skin as you get older, after years of sun exposure. Because your face, arms, and neck typically get the most sun exposure, age spots are common in these areas.

Even though these brown spots may look like skin lesions that need medical attention, true age spots are harmless. And while they don’t require treatment, you may want to get rid of those brown spots simply because you don’t like the way they look or they make you feel older than you truly are.

The Icon laser is light years ahead of fade creams

The Icon system literally works as fast as the speed of light when it comes to banishing brown spots for good. This advanced technology uses laser energy and intense pulsed light (IPL) to target areas of dark pigmentation and gently, but powerfully, break them up.

The melanin (dark pigment) in your skin absorbs the light energy, but the surrounding tissue remains unharmed. The Icon system is an ideal way to get excellent, long-lasting results in just a few simple treatments, without the hassle of applying a daily cream that may or may not deliver the desired results.

Watch brown spots disappear

The team at Serene Laser and Skin Care customizes your Icon treatment plan to safely and effectively target your brown spots. After light pulses from the Icon device send energy deep into the darkened skin pigment, over the next few weeks the treated area appears even darker at first.

Then the skin flakes away and peels off, revealing refreshed healthier skin. You can watch age spots disappear before your eyes, and you’re left with a new layer of tissue and an evener skin tone.

A gentle treatment that’s tough on pigment

Even though the Icon aesthetic system is tough on brown spots, it’s so gentle on your skin that treatment is easily tolerated. While you may feel tingling or a warming sensation from the IPL, it’s over rather quickly, and Icon’s built-in Advanced Contact Cooling™ feature keeps you comfortable.

When age spots on the back of your hands, shoulders, or face make you feel less than youthful and self-confident, it’s time to consider banishing those brown spots for good with easy Icon laser treatments. Get started now, and before you know it, you’ll be admiring your younger-looking, evenly toned skin instead of trying to keep it covered.

To learn more about removing areas of dark pigment with state-of-the-art laser treatments, call the caring and experienced team at Serene Laser and Skin Care, today, or request an appointment online.

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