Acne Scars: Yes, You Can Get Rid of Them

at Serene Laser and Skin Care in Milton, Massachusetts, Dr. Shaheen Mian can help you finally get rid of acne scars.

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, so chances are you’re among the 85% of people who've dealt with acne to some extent during their adolescent years and beyond. If acne was traumatic when you had it, the scars it left behind continue to haunt you, making you feel less than confident about the appearance of your skin.

Fortunately, with today’s advanced technology and the experienced medical aesthetics professionals at Serene Laser and Skin Care, you can finally get rid of acne scars. Under the direction of Dr. Shaheen Mian, men and women in the Milton, Massachusetts, area can receive Icon™ Aesthetic System laser treatments to greatly reduce the appearance of acne scars.

If you still have the effects of your teenage years written all over your face, we can help you get your healthy skin and confidence back in no time. 

Your body’s attempt at repairing acne scars isn’t always successful

While acne is often a temporary problem in your life, scars can remain long afterward. Acne scars happen as a result inflamed acne cysts and pimples. When a pore becomes full of excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, it swells and ruptures. 

If this happens close to the surface of your skin, the acne lesion typically heals without a problem. However, when the lesion breaks deep within the pore, it can damage or destroy healthy skin tissue. Your body naturally responds to this injury by attempting to heal itself with new collagen fibers — a protein that gives your skin strength and flexibility. 

It’s a good attempt at repair, but in most cases, your body’s ability to flawlessly cover up the acne lesion isn’t the best. Instead, you end up with an unattractive acne scar. 

Acne scars are no match for the Icon system

When it comes to diminishing the appearance of acne scars, the Icon Aesthetic System does a much better job than your body’s innate scar-repairing abilities. The Icon uses light technology to repair your skin and promote the growth of new, healthy collagen fibers. The treatment, called fractional nonablative skin resurfacing, is safe yet highly effective at improving the appearance of skin imperfections and blemishes left behind by acne. 

The energy from the Icon laser penetrates deep beneath the surface of your skin in the specific areas targeted during your treatment. This activates your body’s healing response, and you regenerate healthier skin in the treated areas.

Additionally, you produce new collagen fibers deep below the surface of you skin. This fresh collagen adds support, improves skin tone, and can dramatically minimize the appearance of even the most stubborn acne scars. Over time, scars fade so they’re less visible.

You stay cool, comfortable, and relaxed during treatment

Nonablative laser energy means that the treatment only targets your acne lesions and leaves the surrounding skin unharmed. The Icon laser also features the unique Advanced Contact Cooling™ technology to keep your skin temperature as cool and comfortable as possible. 

During treatments, you feel the laser energy like a quick snap of a rubber band against your skin. Your skin also feels warm, but most people easily tolerate the experience, and it’s well worth the outcome of smoother, unblemished skin. 

Say goodbye to acne scars and hello to smoother, healthier skin

Over time, and after a series of treatments customized based on your acne scars and overall skin condition, you enjoy a renewed, healthier appearance of more flawless skin. And thanks to the new collagen production, you may even look more youthful. 

You can also expect little to no downtime after your treatment for acne scars. You may notice some temporary redness, like a mild sunburn, but that only lasts a few days. The Icon Aesthetic System is FDA-approved for the treatment of acne scars and is safe for your skin. 

If you’re tired of living with the evidence left by a traumatic teenage acne problem, it’s time to find a solution. Improve your overall skin health, enjoy a more even skin tone, and leave the remnants of acne in the past decades.

Call our friendly team at Serene Laser and Skin Care to schedule an appointment at 781-401-0687, or click to request an appointment online.

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